TK Challenge Bio Science Parkrun

Friday June 9, 2023

TK Challenge is a local initiative trying to contribute to vitality in the region and to archive that  we collaborate with different partners within the Leiden region.

In cooperation with the Leiden Bio Science Park, we have come up with a new initiative. On Friday afternoon, June 9, 2023, the second edition of the TK Challenge Bio Science Parkrun will take place.


The TK Challenge Bio Science Parkrun will start at TK and finish at Hilton Garden Inn. The route will be spread across the Bio Science Park.

Date: June 9, 2023
Start: at 16:30
Distance: An easy run of 5 km
Finish: Hilton Garden Inn, with a festive reception

We do not finish at the start location. We have arranged for a shuttle service willing to take our participants from Hilton Garden Inn to TK. Of course, we will take care of your personal belongings during the run. We will bring your personal belongings to Hilton Garden Inn, where we have arranged a room where participants can pick up their belongings.


For participation we charge € 20,00. This contribution will be entirely for the benefit of the Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital. This contribution will be used for a Qwieck-up for the recovery room. A Qwieck-up is designed to both activate patients mentally and allow them to relax when the situation calls for it.

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We are proud of our partners who support us in initiating the
various events and initiatives. Together we are stronger!